All of our products are made with sustainable, properly raised Heritage-breed pork. We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients and old world techniques.

Chad Nelan - Co-owner

Chad is a Colorado native, passionate about the growing Denver food scene, and helping to further the sustainability of pasture based farming and permaculture. He is a butcher by trade, starting his career as a butcher behind the counter at Tony’s Market. He then went on to self-teach whole animal butchery and the art of charcuterie through countless hours of studying, and trial and error. After making world class products at home for almost 5 years with his business partner Alex Windes, he decided to take the leap into the complicated world of making these products under USDA inspection, so they could share their products with the world.

His hope is to take his passion for charcuterie, and sustainable farming practices and do his part to help to turn the tide against factory farms and monoculture.

Alex Windes - Co-owner

Alex was born and raised in Colorado, and grew up watching the food scene transform. With a background in butchery, he discovered proper farming techniques, properly raised food and charcuterie became an obsession. After meeting Chad, Alex researched, traveled to Europe, and experimented to master the centuries’ old art of charcuterie. With an unmatched work ethic and passion in the industry, Alex and Chad’s partnership later became Elevation. Alex is excited about bringing some local Colorado culture and ingredients into Elevation’s products and believes local innovation is something Denver will really enjoy.